Suzie Higgie – singer / songwriter / guitarist -  founding member of the Falling Joys. Lover of family, friends, music, innovation, photography and gardening. Welcome to Suzie's new website where you can buy her 3 albums including her new release '4 Track Mind' and keep up with her thoughts and news..

'Thirst' youtube 

'Thirst' is the first track on my album '4 Track Mind.' When I think of the thousands of dollars that went into making Falling Joys clips ( and having said, many are great !) it was fun to think of a clip for 'Thirst' that didn't cost anything..all you need ( always) is a good idea ! So here is my clip for 'Thirst' thanks to the Yass N.S.W (Australia) car wash..filmed by my phone, leaning on the car wheel..hope you like the effect x


Suzie's song descriptions 

I now have a new page 'Song Descriptions' which describes my songs recorded so far, and also lists songs that have never been recorded, but some of you may know from live gigs..love any thoughts Sx

Hello ! 

Welcome to my new website. I'm so happy to kick this off with my new album '4 Track Mind'.You can now download and purchase a hard copy of this album.My first two albums are also available, so all tidy ! 

This site was set up with the huge help from an old touring co-hort from back in the day, Stu Eadie (X-Clouds) now from Artist Marketing


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