Suzie Higgie – singer / songwriter / guitarist -  founding member of the Falling Joys. Lover of family, friends, music, innovation, photography and gardening. Welcome to Suzie's website where you can buy her 3 albums including her new release '4 Track Mind.'

My heart goes out to the family and friends of Conway Savage all around the world at the sad news of his passing...we had so much fun writing and recording 'Soon Will Be Tomorrow' with Matt Crosbie in the Blue Mountains many moons ago, and a time I will never forget..

I will post more on this later, but now just coping with the news and reflecting on the life of this gentle man, with beautiful hands that made my old piano sing and a voice that was rich and honest.. 

Buy The Album "Soon Will Be Tomorrow" here.


'Thirst' youtube 

'Thirst' is the first track from the album '4 Track Mind.'


Hello ! 

Welcome to my new website. I'm so happy to kick this off with my new album '4 Track Mind'.You can now download and purchase a hard copy of this album.My first two albums are also available, so all tidy ! 

I am currently on tour with Falling Joys in Australia, supporting our besties the Clouds. February 2018

Poster in photos x


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