Suzie Higgie is the driving force of the legendary Australian band the Falling Joys. She is the main songwriter/singer and instrumentalist in the group, and during the 1990's released 3 albums, which all went to Number #1 on the Australian Independent Charts.

After many years of heavy touring around Australia, the US and recording in England and Australia, Suzie decided to take stock, and recorded her first solo record with Conway Savage, the pianist from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Hidden away in the Blue Mountains, the pair recorded 'Soon Will Be Tomorrow' ..

'If you are looking for a bittersweet soundtrack to all the beauty and pain that love is, this is it. Think Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits staying up late with a bottle of wine. Think Leonard Cohen and Janis Ian having coffee. I can't give the cd a proper review because it leaves me speechless. Even my mom loves it.'  Rolling Stone Magazine
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Suzie and her former husband Matt Crosbie (live sound engineer to Nick Cave) and their daughter Alice then moved to Bowral N.S.W where Suzie recorded in her garage, her first truly solo album 'Songs of Habit.' This album was released by Cherry Red Records in the UK, 2002

'An extraordinary album displaying Suzie Higgie's prowess at songwriting and arrangement. The songs are about habits..from Nun's habits to drug habits...her one cover, is a delicious rendition of the Beasts of Bourbon's 'I Can't Say No.' Suzie is a true talent, who for too long has flown under the radar.' New Musical Express
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The family moved to London for 5 years returning in 2006, with their new son Oliver who was born in London.

Suzie's third album, '4 Track Mind' has just had a limited release, but is now available here.

'I've been going through my studio, and have found so many old cassettes of lost music.. I wrote music on my Tascam 244, 4 track recorder, in order to get songs and arrangements, out of my head... and offer them to the Falling Joys. Not all of them were recorded, so I decided to put together this retrospective album,... the ones that jumped out and I couldn't let go. For me, they are little vignettes of time and sound, that I didn't want to lose..'